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Photo by XPlayer2x via Wikimedia Commons

The so-called “QAnon” movement continues to gain steam as its adherents are putting their money where their mouths are by committing acts of violence. After the FBI recently designated the right-wing group as a domestic terrorism threat, QAnon has come under great scrutiny by the general public.

While social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are finally taking action to remove QAnon content, not everyone is following suit. As of writing, two of the top three online retailers in the United States — Amazon and eBay — continue to permit its users to sell a variety of QAnon merchandise.

In case readers are unaware, QAnon began as a fringe online community roughly five years ago, as did Pizzagate. Both conspiracy theories revolve around the notion that, together, various “world elites” are operating a massive child sex slavery cartel. Surprising no one, the supposed culprits are the typical right-wing targets: Hollywood, Democrats, and Jews. They’re allegedly part of an insidious “Deep State” which manages to pull all of the strings of power in this country. …


Llowell Williams

Writing about various things (mostly politics & social issues) for more than six years. Freelancer for hire.

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